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By creating a culture of learning, planning, and working together, the Texas IPE Consortium has been a driving force in the momentum and the passion for spreading quality interprofessional practice and education across Texas. As the consortium is uniquely positioned to advance the nation in developing and implementing innovative interprofessional practice and education, a more formal organization of the consortium was needed. The Texas IPE Consortium is now a legal entity under the auspices of the five founding institutions. Currently, institutions are able to join the consortium as member institutions. Annual institutional membership for the Texas IPE Consortium is $500. 

Benefits of Institutional Membership


Shape Healthcare Education!

Stay current with best-practices. Participate in a forum to share ideas & programs. Improve patient and population health, reduce costs, and improve satisfaction through implementation of collaborative learning/practice methods.


Networking is Powerful!

Engage with like-minded members, build your networks, discover common goals, diversify your contacts, and foster inter-institutional collaborations.


Get a Competitive Edge!

Attend quality professional development events, keep up-to-date with the newest in IPE pedagogies, and aspire to excellence. 


Stand Out!

Boost your visibility and credibility, enhance your professional identity, and support inter-institutional collaborations.


Increase Your Purchasing Power!

Receive deep discounts (up to 50%) on all events and trainings. Save time and money with in-state travel.


Be the First to Know!

Access resources, experts, publications, surveys, and many member exclusives. Be eligible to host future meetings and trainings.

Member Testimonials

The best, most engaging, useful, and efficient meeting I have attended in many years! Thank you!
I plan to utilize some of the resources [from the Texas IPE Consortium biannual meeting] for faculty training and curriculum development.

How to Join? 

Joining is easy! Membership includes an annual institutional membership fee and a primary institutional contact for annual dues notifications. 

Contact us for more information on institutional membership. 

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