Resources for Facilitators

Mini-Series facilitator guides provide a wealth of background, resources, information, ideas, and support for those who want to use the Mini-Series as an engaging and interactive learning experience. 

For each episode of the Mini-Series, detailed facilitator guides are provided. Guides are divided by audience (e.g., preceptor or student) and theme (e.g., IPE, sex and gender specific health). Episode guides are intended for facilitator use, rather than as worksheet handouts for participants. A sample facilitator guide from Episode 2 of Change of Heart: An Interprofessional Mini-Series is provided for you here. With some variability, detailed facilitator guides include the following sections. Please note, sections may vary slightly across each facilitator guide based on Mini-Series, audience, and theme.  

1. Episode Description

A brief introduction to the content of the episode. 

2. Professions Represented

List of professions featured in the episode.  

3. Competencies

List of competency areas featured in the episode. 

4. Learning Objectives

Each episode includes 1-3 learning objectives. The learning objectives use Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains to note the level of higher thinking involved. The hierarchy is: know, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create. 

5. Discussion Questions

Questions target topics from the episode that relate directly to the current and planned experiences of that audience, related to their role in health professions. 

6. Discussion Guides

Gathered from an expert panel of representative viewers, the discussion guide commentary can be used by the facilitator to supplement or redirect discussion, as needed. 

7. Learning Pearls

The learning pearls highlight major learning points for each episode. 

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