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Conceptualized in 2009, the Mini-Series concept was the culmination of an extensive review of the different types of education and training programs available, preceptor needs, and the desire to foster life-long learning.  To help break the cycle of education monotony and achieve the goals of delivering preceptor training, a design strategy for the Mini-Series was identified and put into action in 2012.  Pursuing the desire for unique and engaging educational content, the Mini-Series concept takes the form of a professionally produced movie.  In considering the busy schedules of preceptors and the time associated with watching a full-length movie, each Mini-Series is divided into 6 to 12 video episodes with a central plot.  Each of the episodes range from 5 to 14 minutes in length.  Each episode is designed to include entertainment, preceptor-student scenarios, preceptor expert commentary, and preceptor teaching pearls.

The development of each Mini-Series is guided by 3 research based instructional design principles: (a) engaging and maintaining attention, (b) providing an authentic context, and (c) offering a diversity of content. A brief description of each principle and an explanation concerning how it is applied to the Mini-Series concept has been provided in the infographic on this page.

I hope you enjoy the Mini-Series programs as much as I have had making them!



Craig D. Cox, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS
Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Vice Chair, Experiential Programs
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center SOP


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