HSC Profile Database

Welcome to the HSC Communications Profile System. This system is used by the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center for purposes of creating an institutional internal communications preferences profile for faculty, staff, and students. This communications preferences profile is used for STAT! Alert Emergency Notifications Announcements, Events, and other outreach notifications that may be delivered via email, text (SMS) messaging, and telephone.

STAT! Alert Emergency Notifications uses your communications profile information to distribute alerts and emergency response information to faculty, staff, and students in the event of a campus or regional emergency as defined by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center officials. For this reason, TTUHSC strongly recommends that you keep your HSC Communications Profile information updated with the most appropriate numbers and contact preferences so that you can be alerted during any emergency event that may arise. For more information about STAT! Alert, click here.

Announcements and Events are two separate systems with a combined digest email. The digest email delivery preferences can be set within the HSC Communications Profile System for week days, Monday only, or not at all. You can also personalize your preferences to receive only updates relevant to your interests. The digest email brings everything together in a clear and concise format, making it easy to scan and find important information or items you're interested in.

Outreach Notifications use your communications profile information only if you opt into receiving messaging from an outreach notification group such as IT Notifications or Student Business Services Notifications.

The information entered into this system is secure and private. It will not be released and will only be used for purposes stated above. If you have questions, please click on the "Help" above. If you still have questions or would like to explore setting up an outreach notification group, please contact the IT Solution Center 806.743.1234.

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