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The Writing Center

The Writing Center is open for 2024 and is a free service that serves all faculty, researchers, students, staff, and medical residents in Abilene, Amarillo, Dallas, Lubbock, and Odessa/Midland/Permian Basin, and online. 

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  1. The goal of the Writing Center is to make you a better writer. The Writing Center will not edit, proofread, or check/correct grammar or APA errors. Instead, comments on higher-order writing concerns such as argument, thesis, flow, organization, and transitions will be provided. If you need suggestions on resources on APA, please email: writing.center@ttuhsc.edu
  2. Writers may submit two drafts each week. 
  3. Submissions will typically be reviewed within 72 business hours.  If you have a deadline, please plan to submit 2-3 weeks ahead. 
    • If your draft is 5+ pages, please consider submitting multiple times and describe in the online form the specific page number where you want reviewers to begin reading (e.g., "Please read from page xxx to page yyy only."). 
    • Reviewers have only 50 minutes to work on each draft and cannot read long papers in one session.
  4. Writers will receive an email at their TTUHSC email address with comments in the form of a memo. The Writing Center does not make edits/changes on clients' drafts using Microsoft Word's tracking and annotating functions.

Submission instructions

  1.  Log in with your eRaider, 
  2. Click on "Submit a Draft" (top left-hand panel). 
    • If you are asked to "Update your Profile," enter relevant details and click "Update" at the bottom of the page.
  3. Please enter all details in the form "Submit a draft." The mandatory fields have a red asterisk. 
  4. Upload: (1) Your draft; (2) if available, any assignment prompts you have been given; (3) instructions you may have for reviewers; (4) specific concerns, worries, and fears about your writing.
  5. Please upload drafts as a Word document or a PDF file.
  6. Click "Submit for Review" at the bottom of the "Submit a Draft" page or your draft will not populate into our queue.
  7. If you receive a technical error message when submitting your draft, please email Dr. Roy at writing.center@ttuhsc.edu with a description of the issue (2-3 sentences), a screenshot(s) of the error(s), and your R#.

*Students: If you need us to inform your professor you visited the Writing Center, please remember to select the option "Notify Instructor" on the "Submit a draft" page. 


Dr. Devjani Roy, Managing Director
3601 4th St Stop 6261, Lubbock, TX 79430

Questions? Email writing.center@ttuhsc.edu

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