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We are open for Fall 2019. This is the official website for the TTUHSC Writing Center, serving faculty, residents, staff, and students at Abilene, Amarillo, Dallas, Lubbock, and Odessa/Midland/Permian Basin. Please read our policies and submission instructions below. We are a free service.

Questions? Email: writing.center@ttuhsc.edu

  • Winter/Christmas 2019: We close on December 19, 2019 at 5 p.m. We reopen on January 6, 2020 at 9 a.m.

Submission instructions:

1. Faculty, residents, staff, and students may submit two drafts each week. Please have your draft ready to upload as a Word document or a PDF file.

2. Once you log in with your eRaider, click on "Submit a Draft" (top left-hand panel).

3. Please enter all details in the form on that page. Then upload: (1) Your draft; (2) if available, the assignment prompt your professor has given you; (3) instructions you may have for us; (3) specific concerns, worries, and fears about your writing.

4. Make sure you hit "Submit for Review" at the bottom of the "Submit a Draft" page or your draft will not show up in our queue.

Please note our policies:

(1) We will not edit, proofread, or "check/correct/fix/clean" grammar or APA errors. We comment on higher-order writing concerns such as argument, thesis, flow, organization, and transitions. APA is a citation-and-documentation system, not a writing-related issue, and this is for your professor to teach. If you need suggestions on resources on APA, please email: writing.center@ttuhsc.edu

(2) We have 50 minutes/client. We're usually able to offer feedback on a few pages only given these time constraints. You may, however, submit twice a week (it's free) and tell us the specific page number from where you want us to start reading.

(3) We will need 48 hours to return your work, 72 hours if we happen to be short-staffed. This does not include holidays and weekends. You will receive an email at your school address with our comments in the form of a memo.

(4) We do not make edits/changes on clients' drafts using MS Word's tracking function. Our goal is to teach good writing, not do the writing for you.

Questions: email writing.center@ttuhsc.edu

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