All Red Bag Tours through 2022 have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) is excited to offer High School Tours!

These High School Field Trips/Tours/Outreach and Engagements are called Red Bag Tours, which are a series of educational tours at the Lubbock, Abilene, Amarillo and Permian Basin TTUHSC campuses. Each student will be given a red bag containing items such as brochures/admissions information/promotional items/etc. while on their tour. Although TTUHSC is considerate to the desire to include all K-12 students on campus tours, these tours are crafted specifically for the high school student audience.

The mission of the Red Bag Tours format is to help YOU, the individual teachers and school districts as well as our TTUHSC faculty and staff have the most efficient and organized tour, in which students will have an immersive experience while they are visiting our campuses. If you are an independent student and wish to come on a tour without your school, or are homeschooled - you are more than welcome to attend as well, you do not have to be with a school district. All high school age students (and their parents or teachers) are welcome!

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We understand that circumstances change, but please only sign up for a tour that you know you can attend. Do not overbook tour slots as place holders. This not only takes the spot for another student, but will also risk getting your entire organization/school/group banned for the following year if a significant number of slots are reserved and not used or canceled less than two weeks out from the tour date.

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Permission Forms

Release for Photographs (You will not be allowed to be in any official TTUHSC pictures without this form)
Permission Slip - (Required for all tours)
All Red Bag tours start at 8am and are concluded by 1pm

Sign-up for Red Bag Tours opens on the first Monday of December at 10am central - for the following calendar year


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