Success Story - GET FiT Lubbock
F.I.T. Tech and GET FiT Lubbock Teamed Up
F.I.T. Tech and GET FiT Lubbock teamed up to encourage TTU, TTUHSC and TTUS faculty, staff, students and spouses to gear up for 2010. Teams of 6 worked together for an 8 week competition to eat healthy, exercise regularly and GET FiT with F.I.T. TECH!!!
Teams: 65
Participants: 394
Events Attended: 6,982
Weight Loss Pounds: 1,245
Hours of Exercise: 10,599

F.I.T. Tech Resources View
F.I.T. Tech Webinar 1 (Audio Only) - Goal Setting
F.I.T. Tech Webinar 2 (Audio Only) - My Pyramid and Labeling
F.I.T. Tech Webinar 3 (Audio Only) - Portion Sizes & Mindless Eating
F.I.T. Tech Webinar 4 (Audio Only) - Physical Activity On-The-Go
F.I.T. Tech Webinar 5 (Audio Only) - Eating On-The-Go
F.I.T. Tech Webinar 6 (Audio Only) - The Truth About Diets
F.I.T. Tech Webinar 7 (Audio Only) - Liquid Calories