Success Story - GET FiT Lubbock
Charles has Lost a Total of 30lbs Through the GET FiT Lubbock Program!
September 2009
     For the last couple of years, Charles Leatherwood has proven to be a loyal member of GET FiT Lubbock. He uses this program to eat healthy and exercise because he realizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the impact it has on his life. He used this last Spring Get Fit as a source to get in shape for a summer boy scout trip in Colorado. Charles has lost a total of 30 lbs through the GET FiT Lubbock program!
Charles Leatherwood
     Having a family history of diseases that can be positivity affected by a healthy lifestyle has been a driving force for many GET FiT participants. Charles is also one of these participants who has a family history of heart disease. For several years, his wife Diane has been making him eat better using a lot of heart-healthy recipes.
     He devotes over 1 hour a day to walking; 35 minutes of his lunch hour and 30 minutes when he gets home in the evening. He also lifts weights 20 minutes a day, three times a week and does 20 minutes of abdominals, twice a week.
     While working for the Texas Tech Grounds Maintenance, Charles Leatherwood continues to strive for the optimal, healthy lifestyle by involving a workout during his workday duties. "When possible, I walk to meetings and observe the grounds along the way. This is also making my Superintendent walk these areas, too," Charles said.
     The aspect of competition is also one of the driving forces behind Charles doing so well in the GET FiT program. "For some reason I was unaware of the individual competition, I assumed it was just team completion. At the end of the Spring GET FiT I discovered Paul Hazuka who is a friend of mine, won in our age division (40-49). I decided at that time I would try harder on the next GET FiT to win my age division," Charles said.
     Charles Leatherwood has proven to be a wonderful inspiration for GET FiT IV participants and a force to be reckoned with in the next contest!